About us

Encircle was established in 2011 as HH Residential Care. A specialist provider in the supported living sector regulated by Homes England. Under the company’s new growth strategy, HH Residential Care changed its name in 2018 to Encircle Housing to facilitate the future expansion of the business.

What do we do?

We provide high quality support and housing specifically designed to meet the need of the individual, relating to learning disability, mental-ill health, acquired brain injury, physical or sensory disability, or a diagnosed long-term condition such as dementia. We believe that everyone has the right to feel safe and secure in their own home. We ensure tenants will achieve this and more, by providing them with the right support and guidance to help maintain their tenancy and reach their true potential.

We work closely with our tenants and their representatives to gain a holistic understanding of their wants and needs. We also develop a growth strategy that is competitive and meets the evolving demands of the supported living sector.


Across the country there remains a shortage of specialist, carefully planned housing that is specifically designed to meet the changing and increasing demographic profile of the general population. Encircle believe that living in your own home, being safe, warm and well is a key indicator of a successful society. We also believe that every one of us is unique and some of us need more support to achieve this common goal than others.

Living in your own home as opposed to a long-term care home, institution has to be better. Living independently with peers rather than with ageing parents or relatives as is still often the case for adults who have learning disabilities who are suddenly displaced in their middle years due to a lack of planning does not need to happen. If we really want to improve people’s well-being we need to start with the basics. Good care is where its required to develop our inclusive communities. Encircle Housing wants to be part of this development and to work in partnership with Local Authorities, to meet local demand effectively and efficiently.